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Research Assistant Professor/Postdoctoral Research Fellow Positions at Prof. Christopher Antos's Research Group, School of Life Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University
Author:             Date: 2017-02-16            Browse: 3511

The laboratory of Prof. Christopher Antos is seeking applications from qualified applicants for the positions of Research Assistant Professor/Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Dr. Antos and his laboratory colleagues are interested in understanding the how human heart and limbs can be induced to regenerate. The Antos Laboratory researches how the zebrafish regenerates its heart and its appendages. Because the zebrafish and human have significant similarities in gene expression and cell biology, researching how this fish regenerates its heart and its appendages should lead to a better understanding on how to induce regeneration in human heart and limb tissues. 

More information can be found at http://www.shanghaitech.edu.cn/eng/faculty/slst/people/319.html


This work encompasses current cell biology, molecular methods, advanced microscopy and fish animal husbandry. The Research Assistant Professor/Postdoctoral Research Fellow will be expected to carry out his/her own research projects that lead to publications in international peer-reviewed science journals, present his or her work in international meetings in and outside of China and help write grants that that support his/her research as well as support laboratory. In addition, the Research Assistant Professor/Postdoctoral Research Fellow will help set up and maintain the general running of the laboratory (ordering supplies, monitoring laboratory equipment, help with ShanghaiTech administrative work associated with running laboratory, etc.). The Research Assistant Professor/Postdoctoral Research Fellow will also supervise students and technicans as needed for his or her publications. Dr. Antos guarantees a working environment that will help the Research Assistant Professor/Postdoctoral Research Fellow to expand his or her knowledge in experimental research and to interact with professional colleagues from around the world.

Ph.D Degree from an accredited institution. To apply for Research Assistant Professor position, applicants need at least 2 years of postdoc experience. Applicants with the following skills are preferred: comprehension and speaking ability in English and Chinese, capable of reading and comprehending science articles from all international journal written in English, willingness to communicate in English and Chinese, knowledge in standard cell and molecular biology methods, willingness to continually learn cell and molecular biology techniques as needed, able to provide logistical help for the laboratory, able to professionally interact with ShanghaiTech University staff and colleagues, able to work with Microsoft Office programs and willingness to learn to use programs that run various laboratory equipment. 
Selected candidates will be invited to talk to members of the lab and present his or her work in a seminar-like forum.

Applicants interested in these positions should direct questions or apply to slst@shanghaitech.edu.cn,cc to Professor Antos (clantos@shanghaitech.edu.cn or (christopher.antos@tu-dresden.de

Interested Applicants need to provide:
1. Application cover letter describing your interests and professional goals (in English).
2. Current Curriculum Vitae (in English)
3. A Letter of Recommendation from current supervisors (in English)
4. Publication List
5. PDFs of publications