In the short term, ShanghaiTech aims to enroll 6,000 students: 2,000 undergraduates and 4,000 graduates (including about 3000 PhD candidates). The first cohort of 296 graduate students was admitted in September 2013, followed by 425 graduate students in 2014. The first cohort of 207 undergraduate students from 9 provinces of China were enrolled in 2014.
Academic Offerings
ShanghaiTech delivers credit-bearing programs in undergraduate and graduate level. Combining the general education, cross-disciplinary foundation courses and major program courses, the undergraduate program provides extensive knowledge in science and technology and lays a solid foundation for graduate studies.
Education Distinctiveness
ShanghaiTech aims to create a tight connection between research and education. Each undergraduate is required to participate in research activities with an assigned supervisor to guide his or her performance. ShanghaiTech has formulated a mechanism that leverages the strong linkage between education, research and entrepreneurship. An advisory system will be created that allows advisors from other institutes or industry to mentor the students. We encourage students to create start-up ventures initiated from innovative ideas and frontier technology.
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